Spot the dull superheroes in these optical illusion posters

Noma Bar is king of the optical illusion, and he’s recently used his talents to create a series of optical illusion posters encouraging people to be ‘boring heroes’, and stay indoors. The posters were created in collaboration with McCann New York, McCann Health New York and medicine company Mucinex. 

The series shows people in their homes lounging around, reading books, listening to music and using their phones, and these images are all cleverly combined with images of more traditional superheroes. The posters are simple yet effective, and are definitely up there with some of our favourite poster designs.

muxinex posters stay home stay boring

Who knew having a nap could be so heroic?

“The science shows that staying in isn’t exciting, but it does save lives,” says Mucinex vice president of marketing Claudine Patel. “So much more than simple words, these vivid and original visuals invite consumers to show off their superhero creds by donning capes and masks and have more fun while performing mundane tasks, such as vacuuming, making a sandwich or simply taking a nap.”

While the illustrations don’t actually include anyone vaccuming or making a sandwich, which is a bit disappointing – we’d have liked to have seen those images incorporated with the superhero silhouettes – the clean illustrations manage to celebrate the mundane, while showing that medical messaging doesn’t have to be dull.

They also show that Israeli-born  illustrator Noma Bar can create an optical illusion out of pretty much anything. You can see more of the illustrations on Mucinex’s Instagram page.

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